Sometimes, Procrastination Pays Off

I have had the itch to go back to World of Warcraft for a bit now, but I’ve been procrastinating on actually re-activating my sub. Sure, I could let you all in on some of my MMO neuroses by listing off a bunch of reasons, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that there was one that was stronger than the rest.

See, when I re-upgraded to Windows 10 a couple of months ago, one of the things I forgot to back up was my World of Warcraft addons folder. I have always run a ridiculous amount of addons, and I had some deep dread about having to figure out my UI from scratch.

Well, a couple of weeks before the big upgrade, I thought that my harddrive was starting to go, so I had bought a replacement and cloned it. However, once I fiddled around with all the cords in there, all of the hard disk ridiculousness seemed to resolve itself, so I’m thinking it was a loose cord or something, and I promptly put the whole thing out of my mind.

Well, some oddball glitch caused my computer to boot from the wrong drive last night, and after a few very panicky moments trying to figure out what exactly had happened, I realized that this was a blessing in disguise. My addons folder was on the cloned drive, and I could simply copy it to the drive I am actually using!

After a little more fiddling, and safe removal and storage of the backup drive so that I could avoid any more odd rebooting shenanigans, I have all of my addons back, and updated, and well, I guess I’ll be dabbling in some World of Warcraft this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes, Procrastination Pays Off

  1. Hah, procastinating a return to WoW on account of Addons is very relatable. The likes of the Twitch client have made it a heck of a lot easier, but it still takes a very solid chunk of time to reinstall and reconfigure it all.

    Perhaps not the near full day of doing a giant Skyrim mod reinstall — but also not too far off it.


  2. This is literally the reason it took me six years to get back to wow. Not until classic was released and I felt ok about going in “naked”. Because I I had neither my old addons nor a list of all I used to run and the thought of having to set all of that back up was a hurdle I just never had the motivation to get past.


  3. Interesting post – I can relate – if anybody can’t see the add-ons photos, right click and press Open In New Tab, to see them fully. We have surprisingly similar add-on setups… ironically I procrastinate FROM WoW because it inspires me to create videos or tutorials to help WoW players…its like Paradox Procrastination…

    I just followed your site – for each site mutually follows I’m creating a section on my site, which profiles the other site – not to sound spammy, just offering the opportunity while I grow a community of specifically WordPress-driven Warcraft players before I open it up the wider-web and Instagram. In any case,


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