Quick Look – Felix the Reaper

Felix has it bad – he’s taken a job with the Ministry of Death in hopes of running into a woman who works at the Ministry of Life. But it isn’t all bad. Sticking to the shadows while making sure things go according the plan gives him plenty of time to perfect his dance moves…

… and me, plenty of time to feel frustrated.

This may be the first time I wished a straight up puzzle game was something else, like maybe a point-n-click adventure. Because I like Felix. I want to spend time with Felix. I want to watch Felix rocking out to his tunes.

Instead, what I’m doing is trying to manipulate the sun in order to stay in shadows while figuring out how to move objects, people, and animals just so to flawlessly complete a plan that no one actually explained to me, and I’m not really loving it.

Don’t let the decent-ish stats fool you – this was a replay of the very first scored level. My memorization skills are somewhat better than my actual puzzle solving skills apparently.

Until you complete a puzzle, you have no idea what your expected performance stats should be. Sure, you can move on even with zero stars … I mean, skulls … but if you like to perfect your levels, expect to play them more than once. I don’t mind timers in my puzzles, but tell me beforehand what my goalposts are.

The mission map made it difficult to tell for sure if the game shipped with four or five levels (as at least one “bonus” level needs to be unlocked via social media), and that doesn’t feel like a whole lot of game for the $25 asking price.

It’s really a shame, because the package is fantastic. I love the whole aesthetic: the art, the music, the voice over work. But the actually game play is a bit fiddly and awkward, and I feel like I spent more time pressing the hint button than anything else.

I played the first level via XBox Game Pass for PC, and despite everything I did like about it, I don’t expect I’ll be revisiting Felix the Reaper and his sweet moves anytime soon.

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