What I’m Playing Wednesday – Dead Rising 3

Games where you can slaughter masses of undead with whatever is handy are kind of a guilty pleasure, especially when they’re not particularly difficult. Dead Rising 3 is not particularly difficult, at least not on the story mode – I haven’t touched the Nightmare mode, and I don’t really plan to unless I’m really DYING for some more zombie slaughter once I finish the main game and DLC chapters (and maybe do some ridiculously grindy achievements).

The thing I liked least about the first two Dead Rising games was how punishing the time limits felt – I’m not about optimization and efficiency when I play these games. While Dead Rising 3 doesn’t do away with time limits, they are so very very generous. Which is good, because the world is also chock-full of opportunities to save random people, collectibles to find, and distractions like trying to get gold medals on Survival Training activities.

Combo weapons – which were always part of the allure of the Dead Rising series – feel more powerful than they were in the preceding games, which makes some of the psycho (boss) battles feel downright trivial. Which is fine by me – psycho battles were never close to my favorite part of the games.

I’ll be honest – it’s not a great game. Good, sure. Fun? You betcha. And I love the fact that I’m not struggling, but for people who love a challenge? You can play that way. I’m just going to keep cutting swaths through hordes of zombies with ridiculously overpowered combo weapons, and running them over with equally overpowered combo vehicles.

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