Game Over: Transference

In an effort to eke out every last bit of value of the free Uplay+ trial, I decided to load up Transcendence tonight. It’s a weird little game, and probably a really fantastic VR experience, but if you’re okay with non-linear storytelling and drawing your own conclusions in a creepy atmosphere, it’s probably worth a play through even without a VR headset.

The whole thing took me about 90 minutes from start to finish – I missed a couple of audio and video logs, but really, this isn’t a long game any way you look at it. There are no fail states, and every puzzle can be solved via trial and error – in fact, that’s how I managed to solve many of them.

It was dark, and creepy, with a couple jump scares and a lot of little details that will likely leave you with a very bad feeling in the pit of your stomach. Don’t play this looking for a happy ending, or to have all the loose ends tied up neatly.

For me, the experience was worth the time, but I think that the asking price of $25 borders on criminal, because there is absolutely no replay value here except for the most dedicated of completionists. I might even go so far as to say there’s very little play value – there’s very little to be gained from actually going through the game yourself versus watching someone else play it – at least from a non-VR perspective.

Transference is a neat little experience – if you’re going to subscribe to Uplay+ anyway (or if you want to squeeze it in just under the expiration like I did), but if you’d rather just watch, pop yourself some popcorn and fire up the video below.

The entirety of the game, in movie format, thanks to Gamers Prey.

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