Quick Look – Flipping Death

I so don’t have time to game right now, but I really want to, so I keep trying to squeeze in a little bit here and there. Not from my library, mind you, but from Utomik, since there was still so much I wanted to try that after cancelling my sub, I had remorse and reactivated it.

Now, I’m bad at platforming games in general (although I do find that games billed as puzzle-platformers tend to be more forgiving), so I expected to nope out of this one in a heartbeat.

No such luck. I am hooked.

Shortly after dying in an unfortunate accident, Penny Doewood, still deep in denial, runs into Death. Death assumes she’s the temp he requested, and tasks her with taking over his job while he heads off on vacation. Flipping Death is silly and irreverent, and tricky – although the latter, perhaps for all the wrong reasons.

I don’t even play platformers, and I know that this one just doesn’t feel right. The controls aren’t great for Penny, and they get even more clunky when Penny is possessing someone. The upside is, the platforming parts aren’t hard at all, and there doesn’t seem to be any fail state.

I like games without fail states.

And in case you’re super extra clueless, the game gives you easy access to hints to progress all the way through the chapter.

I don’t know if I’ll finish this one (I’ve only finished the first chapter & I think there’s seven in total), but I’m going to poke at it some more. I’ll also likely keep abusing the hint system because right now, I just want to ogle some cool looking graphics and have a giggle or two.

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