When Fun Turns to Frustration

I’ve kept poking at Aven Colony, and I’ve put in 13.5 hours now. I’ve managed to progress through the first five missions with minimal difficulty. However, mission six.

Mission six is making me crazy.

Now, I know I should just knock down the difficulty and progress through (and I might still do that), but on my most recent attempt, I was painfully close to completing the mission.

Two ships landing at my immigration centers (of which I had many), or one trip down on the space elevator would have kept me from failure. I missed by mere moments. And that’s somehow so much worse than the go where I didn’t get my food supply happening fast enough and everyone starved, or the ones where I ran out of building materials with no reasonable way to get more. Knowing I made a critical error feels so much easier to swallow than that I just wasn’t QUITE fast enough.

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