Dreamscaper – An Intriguing Demo

Bear with me while I meander a little, ok? When I wrote up my Dev Appreciation post about Soldak Entertainment, one of the games I booted up to play around with (and take screenshots of) was Din’s Curse.

Now, Steam wants to show me every single game that it thinks I might like based on playing Din’s Curse, and, well, I like browsing. One of the games I found from their recommendation was Dreamscaper, which hey, has a demo to play.

And thus was Dreamscaper added to my demo queue.

First the good: It’s a gorgeous game. Well, it’s a gorgeous game after the (very brief) tutorial section. I was seriously disappointed actually, because the screenshots were lovely, and the tutorial was … kind of awful in comparison.

This look doesn’t last long, I promise.
This is the style I’m so here for.

I was also relieved that playing didn’t feel anything like playing The Binding of Isaac (which I and like 2 other people in the known universe really didn’t care for), despite that being a sentence-one comparison in the game’s description. Although I only got to spend a little time with it (and it’s an early build at that), the combat felt satisfying, if a little bit button-mashy. Disappointingly the demo was very short, and it didn’t give any peek at all into the daytime game play, just the vanquishing of nightmare monsters.

Still, the art, the concept, and the little bit of game play I got to experience have catapulted Dreamscaper into my “Buy Early” category. But sadly, it’s not due out until March of next year (although you can still pre-purchase via Kickstarter), and it might be worth keeping an eye out if you’re looking for some really neat indies to play on your Switch.

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