UPlay+ Free Trial Available Today

Since I’m completely unable to resist anything free, I made sure to activate my Uplay+ Trial today. Activation does require payment information; this is pretty normal, though, as they hope you’ll forget to cancel. Spoiler: I won’t forget to cancel.

Most of the available games come from Ubisoft’s main franchises – you’ll find plenty of Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, and Tom Clancy games. Conspicuously absent are the Anno games (although their FAQ indicates that there is a technical issue preventing the availability of Anno 1800). There is also a good selection of Ubisoft classic series – Might & Magic, The Settlers, and Prince of Persia are all accounted for.

For me? I might load up Child of Light (a game that I found intriguing, but never got around to purchasing). Ode and Transference also look like they might be good, but let’s be real. As someone who already owns more Assassin’s Creed games than I am ever likely to play, there’s very little here to make me consider playing the full price of $14.99 a month.

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