Nerd Girl Goals – September 2019

Every month of 2019, I’ve hopped on over to Canva, and made myself a quick header image for my Facebook to remind me of something I want to focus on in the coming month. I won’t swear it has kept me 100% on track, because this has been A Year, my friends, but I think it helps.

Make Time for Joy

To align with my September focus, I’m going to double up, and make some Nerd Girl Goals, so that maybe – just maybe – when I carve out some time to do the things that make me happy, I won’t squander it trying to figure out exactly what that might be.


Play to Satisfaction

For me, saying “Play to Satisfaction” gives me explicit permission to drop a game that’s not working for me, but also to grind away for nerd points if I’m really loving something. I’m trying to make it a policy for myself that I will always play to satisfaction – no more, no less.

  • Albion Online
  • Areia: Pathway to Dawn
  • Aven Colony
  • Deep Sky Derelicts
  • Dry Drowning
  • World of Final Fantasy

While it’s highly unlikely that I will play everything this month – or at all – having a short list of new-to-me games in various genres that I want to try out might curtail some of the decision paralysis that comes from staring at my gaming library.

Which is not to say that if I decide I want to play something else, I won’t. Because I absolutely will. I just want to have a jumping off point to make it a whole lot easier to answer the “What should I play now?” question.

Get Back Into Elder Scrolls Online

I have basically wasted half of my most recent three-month ESO+ sub, and honestly? I also miss it a whole damn lot. I have four more magicka based DPS characters – I intend to get at least one to 50 before the month is out. I might even gear her up. Maybe.

Redeem or Release My Unused Bundle Keys

Now, this doesn’t mean I’m going to give up my trading entirely, but the number of games I have in various accounts that I’m just not sure about has gotten so unwieldy, I have no idea what I actually already own. Although this is less about pure joy, there’s an element of deep satisfaction which comes from me completing a big old organizational project.


Again, I don’t actually intent to watch ALL OF THIS in a month, but damn, I feel like I’m crazy behind on all the shows I want to watch, and I still keep putting on Law & Order: SVU or Murder She Wrote for the umpteenth million time. There’s only one movie on here, and it is a re-watch, but it’s been stuck in my mind for a bit and is returning to stream this month, so I want to remember to watch it.

Of course, a lot of things to watch also means a lot of time I can be spending on other hobbies as well – I’ll be digging out my knitting and my doodling book and a diamond painting. Not only do I get to double up on things I love to do, it also keeps me from stuffing copious amounts of junk food in my face while I watch.

Series (in no particular order): Mindhunter (2 more episodes!!!), Carnival Row, Wayward Pines, Good Omens, Castle Rock, and Stranger Things.

Movies: Sucker Punch


A much smaller list. The Feast of Love is a long overdue reread, but I just unearthed my copy in a long forgotten box o’junk. Dead Spots has been sitting in my Kindle library since May, when I started reading E.A. Copen’s Lazarus Codex instead, and I’m ready for another urban fantasy adventure. Finally, I’d love to get through a little more of the Lucifer comics since I want to finish those before going back to the television show.

What do you really want to play, watch or read this month?

4 thoughts on “Nerd Girl Goals – September 2019

  1. Interesting lists. I don’t think I heard of most of those games but their titles make them sound intriguing.

    As for me, I want to play ALL THE GAMES! But seriously, if I can make some progress in Final Fantasy XIV, Fire Emblem Three House and Judgement I will be satisfied. Dark Souls would be nice too.


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