In Which Redditors Are Oddly Supportive

I spend far more time than I should on gaming related subreddits, and overwhelmingly, what I notice more than anything else is that people do like to complain. Obviously, there are some places I find less savage than others, but on the GameDeals subreddit, I usually find people don’t hesitate to call out games for being complete garbage.

Well, today, Wormhole City went free to download & keep on Steam, and once I wandered my way over to the Steam page to see Overwhelmingly Negative reviews, I was expecting the nearly 100 comments on the deal post to be a toxic wasteland.

I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised. Instead of vitriol, I saw a surprising amount of support for the lone developer whose first commercial endeavor had so obviously missed many many marks with players.

In spite of having a library I know well and truly I may never complete, and it being well outside of my genre preferences, I went and added Wormhole City to my Steam library. More importantly, I will keep an eye out for future projects from Zenrok Studios because ambitious ideas and the desire to make good games is already there – the skills to do so can be learned.

The first game wasn’t successful, but I have an immense amount of respect for someone who can say “Hey, I handled this poorly, but I love what I do, and I want to try again. In the meantime, you might like what my first game has become, but I don’t feel right charging for it.” That’s exactly the kind of attitude that tends to lead to great things.

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