On My Not-So-Successful Attempt at Streaming

Around the end of last year, I got the itch again. I still had no real idea for a blog, or a video series, or a stream or anything else, but I wanted to do something.

So I did what indecisive nerd girls do – I went to Twitter and posted a poll.

Now, obviously, seven people is barely even a minuscule sample size, but since I’ve never really bothered to grow my Twitter beyond a small corner of the internet populated by people I already like from other interactions, well, I wasn’t expecting much.

So, I decided to give streaming a whirl. I spent a day or two whipping up some graphics, setting up my channel and agonizing over my overlay. I decided to pass on having a main game, and do a variety stream. I figured it was good opportunity to delve into the nearly-forgotten portions of my library and give some screen time to games that people weren’t already talking about.

I wish I could tell you that I failed on scope. No. I failed on tech. I refused to get a webcam, because gaming is my chill time, and I wasn’t going to get all dolled up to sit in front of my computer and relax. I managed to do a whole stream with no sound – something I would have realized a lot sooner if there was anyone watching it. I found myself dreading streaming instead of looking forward to it.

It just wasn’t my medium.

And to be honest, although I like the idea of video game streaming, I don’t even really watch streams. I stopped using Twitch on anything resembling a regular basis when SMITE moved its E-Sports games over to Mixer. I don’t even care much for video walkthroughs or Let’s Plays.

Although I usually have one or more multiplayer games in my rotation, I grew up with gaming being something you basically did alone. If you were lucky, you had people to talk about it with, but it was rarely a social thing in and of itself.

So, on this first day of Blaugust 2019, I’m glad to be back home, with the written word, and oh-so-many delightfully nerdy things to write about.

You won’t be seeing me on stream anytime soon.

5 thoughts on “On My Not-So-Successful Attempt at Streaming

  1. I’ve thought about streaming but have decided it’s not for me. My gaming time is when I relax, and I’m just not able to relax if I think people might tune in and watch lol.


  2. Interesting observation “I grew up with gaming being something I basically did alone”. I’ve been thinking about why streaming doesn’t appeal to me, either to produce or watch. One thing that occurred to me is that I have difficulty playing if someone in my own house is looking over my shoulder, let alone an entire chat full of people yelling “go this way, pick that up!”. It’s just something I’d rather do without an audience

    Conversely, I can remember going over to my friends house in high school and waiting 20, 30 minutes for my turn on Super Mario 3 while he (who owned the game and had many levels mastered) bounced along easily. While I enjoyed the banter, watching him play was not near as fun as playing, myself. That’s kind of how I feel about watching people play on Twitch.


  3. I like the idea of streaming. I love learning about the tech behind streaming. But when I sit down to actually stream it does nothing for me. I streamed with a group of friends heavily for 2 years but I never got the hang of solo streaming. I also don’t watch streams apart from some E sportshere and there so I always had a bit of imposter syndrome. I much prefer blogging and the community around it.


  4. I tried streaming very briefly too. Thankfully no technical issues but I didn’t use a cam or microphone either because I suffer from social anxiety and those things would drive it to 1000.

    I started it with mostly with the intention of doing it for a few friends but even then it was triggering my social anxiety and I gave up on the whole thing. I will keep to blogging as writing is my jam and what makes me happy. šŸ™‚


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