Nerd Girl Goals – May 2021


Play to Satisfaction

For me, saying “Play to Satisfaction” gives me explicit permission to drop a game that’s not working for me, but also to grind away for nerd points if I’m really loving something. I’m trying to make it a policy for myself that I will always play to satisfaction – no more, no less.

I still have a few outstanding game-related stuff I’d like to finish up over the next few weeks, but there’s plenty of stuff I haven’t already talked about I’d like to add onto my plate this month.

Community Game-Along – #MetroidvaniaMay

For #MetroidvaniaMay, I’m going to revisit a game I was really enjoying when I first played it, back in July of 2018 – Seasons After Fall. I realize that it’s pretty damn simplistic as far as metroidvanias go, but that’s actually part of the appeal for me. It’s also a fairly short game with an estimated play time of about 6 to 8 hours. I plan to start a fresh play through since I remember very little about the game except that I really liked it.

Since (at least according to the Steam Tag system), I’ve managed to accumulate quite a few metroidvanias in my library, I am also going to select a couple of back-up games. These include Waking Mars, Steamworld Dig, and Hue.

Subscription Gaming Service – Amazon Luna+

I’ve always been sort of curious about cloud gaming services, and when I had the opportunity to check out the Early Access of Amazon Luna+ with a seven day trial, I finally decided to give it a whirl. The selection of games on Luna isn’t fantastic at the base price point (although they do offer a premium Ubisoft tier for folks who are interested in that), there were a few titles I was interested in checking out, so I’ll likely sub for a month and dabble in those.

It’s a little less expensive than XBox Gamepass for PC ($5.99 a month versus $9.99 a month), so despite the overlap of games that interest me, I don’t see any reason not to play them here, unless the performance is dire.

Nintendo Switch Games

Being a console gamer still feels so weird to me. In April, I barely touched the thing, other than to make sure it was charged just in case, until the final day of the month when New Pokemon Snap arrived, and then I barely put it down for a day and a half. What I have been doing, however, is watching price drops on Deku Deals and flushing out my library a bit.

Once I’m ready to move on from photographing Pokemon in their natural habitat, I’d like to dive into Rune Factory 4 Special, since it’s a series I’ve always been curious about, but never had access to.

Other Nerdstuff

I feel like it’s been a very very long time indeed since I’ve spent any significant energy on my non-gaming hobbies. Recently, I’ve returned to doing paint-by-number kits, and I’ve gone back to it hard.

While I’m painting, I’ve been listening to podcasts, which have renewed my interest in all things horror. I’m not sure if this is going to take the form of watching more TV shows, mini-series and movies, or spending more time reading, or just finding more horror-centric podcasts to listen to, but it’s definitely an old interest I’d really like to revisit over the next few months.

In Review – April 2021

This “In Review” post is going to be late because, well, I somehow forgot April only has 30 days, and also, I spent most of the last day of the month obsessively playing New Pokemon Snap instead of writing like I should have been!

April was a little less gaming overall, as I spent a bit more time reading, and listening to The Pike Cast and Horror Queers while doing paint-by-numbers. Sometimes, it’s good to diversify.

I let my World of Warcraft sub lapse, and didn’t really pick anything else up to fill in the void. I did have a couple of nights where I played Among Us with some friends, and I’m still working my way towards perfection in Stardew Valley (as well as continuing my co-op adventures on a different save). But I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired this month to dive into anything new or weighty as far as gaming was concerned.

Finally finished up the Dimensions – Blue Poppies kit I ordered back in March.

Community Game-Along – #CapcoMonth

I dabbled in three different games for #CapcoMonth. The first was Resident Evil 4, which gave me a killer case of motion sickness. Second, I went into Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, which I thought was ok, but too fiddly for my taste.

Finally, I spent about 10 hours (a few of which were when I had accidentally closed Manic Time after the game crashed) with Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. If I had started with this one, I might have actually finished it before the month was out, but with only a week or so to go in the month, it was just too big of a project to actually wrap up in the time I had allotted. I’m not sure yet if I’m done with it for the time being, or if I’ll continue to dabble.

Ongoing Gaming Projects

Again, I spent the bulk of my gaming time in Stardew Valley. The (sort of) recent 1.5 update adds a new mechanic of a Perfection Tracker, which is kind of like Grampa’s evaluation turned up to 11. Of course, I can’t resist a challenge like this.

I’m currently well into my fifth year, which is far far longer than I’ve ever played before, and I have just a little friend-ing left to do, and a whole bunch of money to make to finish the last couple things on the checklist. I’m playing less, because it gets a little dull after playing a few days, with so little left to chase after.

Still, I expect to wrap this one up in the next couple of weeks, and I may continue dabbling on a new save with an alternate farm layout.

The progress hasn’t been nearly as solid in Cook, Serve, Delicious 2!! – my fingers just don’t feel like they’ll ever be fast enough for the shifts I have remaining. Where at one point, I was zooming through 5 levels a day, now I’m lucky to get a couple a week, and most of those are just squeaking through with bronze. I’ve even started doing some scenarios on the “Zen” setting, where customers don’t get impatient, but doing any better than just merely passing the level is impossible.

I’d still like to unlock all the shifts, but I think I’m over #GoingForGold.

Wrapping Up #CapcoMonth with Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

If I were the type of person to say that some games are a guilty pleasure, I’m pretty sure the entirety of the Dead Rising series would be at that top of that list. Combing a lot of brutality with even more absolute absurdity, I find just wandering around slaughtering hordes of zombies in these games to be super satisfying. I picked up most of the games back in 2017 from Humble in the Capcom Rising bundle (the same bundle in which I obtained the game I played for last #CapcoMonth – DMC: Devil May Cry). Although I played them somewhat out of order (starting with DR2 while I waiting for the PC port of the original to come down in price), I’ve played all four canon entries in the series from start to finish.

However, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is a non-canon retelling of the story in the second game, swapping out protagonist Chuck Greene for the star of the first game, Frank West. I originally planned to play it right after completing the second game, but I found it a little tedious to go through the story line back to back, so I shelved it. I briefly dabbled in it again back in 2019, but didn’t get much past the first case.

Since my previous choices for this year’s #CapcoMonth didn’t work out, I decided to give this one another chance to see if maybe the third time would be the charm.

Over the last week or so, I put about 10 hours into the game, just about reaching the mid-point of the main story, and spending a little time dabbling in the sandbox mode. All progress you make in the game holds, even if you elect to start the main game over. This is good, not only because the difficulty curves often feel like cliffs, but because the tight time limits on both story quests and side activities can cause you to hit a hard fail state without being able to prepare for it. It feels like it’s a game you’re meant to restart so you can learn the patterns of the events of these three days in Fortune City and be able to better optimize how you spend your time.

My first major failure came from being too far from the base when a quest popped – there was just no way to get back in time once I was informed of the new quest, causing me to be locked out of the remaining main story line. I could (and did) just revert to an earlier save, making it so I only had to redo a few hours versus the entire story. In addition to the tight timeline, DR2: OTR also makes use of a checkpoint system and limited save points; you’ll need to find a restroom if you want to have an actual save point to reload, but the checkpoints give you an autosave at most story beats and area transitions, so recovering from a death isn’t so bad provided you don’t exit the game.

I thought it might just be a case of both having been away from the series awhile, as well as having played the fourth game (which is by miles the easiest) most recently, but I was surprised by how punishing the game was. However, the general consensus is that this game is near the top when it comes to difficulty in the series, with only the first game being more demanding. Of course, the ability to play in sandbox mode, as well as to carry over progress into new saves means that you can – eventually – overpower the story.

However, that’s not nearly where I’m at now. I’ve hit a jump where I realize I’m going to either need to restart the story again or spend a lot of time leveling up in the sandbox to – personally – feel ready to take on what the game is throwing at me, and with the end of the month so close now, I realize I won’t even come close to completing this one in time to do a Game Over.

In fact, my plan is currently to take a few days off, and then restart the story with my bigger, buffer Frank West, and see if I can save a few more people along the way.

Quick Look – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (#CapcoMonth)

#CapcoMonth has not been great for me. My initial choice – Resident Evil 4 – made me sick, literally. I have never had motion sickness like that from a game, but apparently, it’s somewhat common for people playing the PC port. So I decided to wholly switch gears, and play a game I’d been really looking forward to – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

I really really wanted to like it, but I petered out midway through the third case.

I’ve always maintained that – at least for me – story is more important than gameplay, and in most cases, that’s absolutely true. I can put up with some really dull gameplay. What I don’t have a much patience for is fiddly gameplay that feels like it just doesn’t respect your time.

Maybe I would have felt differently if I had been playing this on a mobile platform instead of PC – I find myself more tolerant of pokey games when I’m comfy in bed. But by the third case, I was playing with a walkthrough up on my second screen, and the continual (and immensely slow) back and forth of the investigation sections finally made me realize, I just didn’t care enough to go through any more of them.

Which is a shame because I did enjoy the courtroom sections well enough, despite them also feeling pretty slow and finicky at times. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a game that revels in its profound ridiculousness, and it honestly makes the whole thing fairly interesting, especially since I frequently found myself unsure of where it was going to take me next. I could overlook the repetitive nature of reading through the full testimony before the chance to cross-examine, and I think perhaps even something as simple as a direct travel option between locations might have kept me playing. But going from the gate, to the employee area, and then through four screens to the trailer, and then back through those same four screens to the employee area for a fetch quest that would take me back to – you guessed it – the trailer was the breaking point for me. I didn’t want to go on.

That said – #CapcoMonth still isn’t over! With a little over a week left, I’ve decided to revisit the Dead Rising series. I have completed the main story of all four games, but I never did more than dabble in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record – my first attempt was right after completing Dead Rising 2, and that story was still too fresh in my mind to want to basically play it through a second time. Now, I’m a couple years off having played the game for the first time, so it seems like the perfect time to revisit it.

I’m not sure if I’m going to get through the whole thing in the time remaining, but we’ll see how far I can get.

World of Warcraft – Taking Some Time Away from Azeroth

The writing has been on the wall for awhile. Once I finished leveling up & gearing my paladin, I started logging in less and less. For over a month now, I’ve logged in solely to either attend raid, farm materials for raid, or when I had a Flashback Friday event scheduled. I had no interest in leveling any more alts, I certainly didn’t want to run any Mythic Plus dungeons, and there just wasn’t anything pulling me to actually boot the game up.

Shortly after our guild took out Sire Denathrius on normal, I made the decision to step away for a bit to avoid the full-fledged burnout that leads to me not returning until the next expansion, as I’m still looking forward to the new content in 9.1 – I just don’t really feel like I have much to do between now and then.

I’ve already told my guild, and passed off my organizational responsibilities to other folks in leadership positions. My main is passably geared – this past week in raid I replaced my last sub-iLvl 200 piece – and her renown is capped. I should be in good shape to pick back up right around the next major content patch without really feeling like I’ve missed out on much of anything at all.

I’m not 100% sure how this will go – I’ve always been the type to keep myself busy with alts, old content, and cosmetic farming between content patches, but I just wasn’t feeling it this time around. When I’m paying a subscription fee, I feel like I have to play whether I’m enjoying myself or not, so I think this was the best course for me. It is, however, the first time I’ve taken this sort of break with full intent to return within a few months – normally, when I let my sub lapse, I’ve kept on so far past when I was actually enjoying myself, I don’t come back for a year or more.

Nerd Girl Goals – April 2021


Play to Satisfaction

For me, saying “Play to Satisfaction” gives me explicit permission to drop a game that’s not working for me, but also to grind away for nerd points if I’m really loving something. I’m trying to make it a policy for myself that I will always play to satisfaction – no more, no less.

I still have a few outstanding game-related stuff I’d like to finish up over the next few weeks, but there’s plenty of stuff I haven’t already talked about I’d like to add onto my plate this month.

Subscription MMO – World of Warcraft (Retail)

I’m actually starting to think that this might be the month I let my sub lapse, but I haven’t decided anything as of yet, and I’m still sitting on a couple of tokens, so even if I’m only playing for a dozen or so hours a month, it’s not actually costing me anything. I really do love the folks in my guild, but it’s really been a struggle to log on, even if once I do, I enjoy myself. With Denathrius down on normal, I don’t really have any goals until the next major content patch, and I’m just not terribly interested in alts at this point in time.

Community Game-Along – #CapcoMonth

I’ve been collecting the older Resident Evil titles for quite awhile, but I’ve never had the proper motivation to dive into them. It did take me an unreasonably long time to decide where to start, since I worried that going too far back would sour me on the series, and I wasn’t particularly keen on buying any of the remasters when I have a bunch of titles waiting in my library. I am hoping that Resident Evil 4 will be a good entry point for the series.

Of course, I have back-ups. Firstly, I am sitting on a copy of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy that I was gifted during the last Steam Winter Sale that I haven’t so much as installed, and if all else fails, I’m going to go back and slaughter some zombies in Dead Rising, despite the fact that I’ve already completed it once.

Subscription Gaming – XBox Gamepass for PC

I realize it has been several months that I’ve been saying I’m going to re-up my sub to this, and several months in which I just haven’t. This is good, because it means I’m playing stuff I already own, but there are definitely some games on there that I’m interested in, just not quite interested enough in to buy them.

However, somehow I missed that the Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan was added, and that’s one I’m really interested in, but it’s super-short, and I’m not planning to play co-op, so I’m not sure that there’d be any reason to go through it more than once. Maybe this will be the month I actually go through with it, especially since I’m still not playing a lot of WoW and reaching a plateau period in Stardew Valley.

Other Gaming

Next up on the Switch, I’m hoping to get into The Caligula Effect: Overdose, although my spotty history with JRPGs in general makes this a big ol’ maybe as far as liking it. One of the major complaints that I’ve seen is that combat is too simplistic, so it might, in fact, be perfect for me.

Although its release date of April 30th makes Pokemon Snap not entirely eligible for my April goals, I am strongly leaning towards pre-ordering it. I’m not familiar enough with Nintendo in general to know how set in stone their release dates tend to be, but I am fairly certain this is a game I’d like to have day one.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of doing some sort of series where I deep dive into my library, but I have yet to work out all the details. I’ve been struggling with getting myself back on track in most areas of my life, so I’m not 100% sure this is the right time for a blog project, but it’s definitely something I want to brainstorm on more.

I fully intend to reach level 100 in Cook, Serve, Delicious 2!! before month’s end, and at that point, I’ll re-asses my desire to chase gold medals all around.

Lastly, I plan to continue with my co-op playthrough of Stardew Valley, in which we strive to explore all the new content that came with the 1.5 update, as well as continuing my current play through and maybe trying out a different farm layout / spouse combination.

In Review – March 2021

I really want to say “Where did March go exactly?” but I know the answer to that. I’ve spend a not insignificant portion of my March gaming time revisiting Stardew Valley, and if we’re being honest, that was not somewhere I saw myself going at the beginning of the month.

It’s not because I don’t like the game – I played for over 100 hours back when it released in 2016. I just had assumed I was basically done with it. However, a friend approached me about starting up a co-op game after the 1.5 patch released, and we just finally got around to scheduling it. I had intended to for it be something I only played with him, a couple nights a week, but after our second session, I started up my own save file, and blew through two years of farming in a couple of weeks.

I originally played through twice – once to choose each major story point route, but I didn’t come anywhere close to getting all the achievements (mostly because I am bad at video games inside of video games, and knowing that I wasn’t going to finish those achievements kind of took the wind out of my sails). I wasn’t surprised by how much I had forgotten, rather, but by how much I remembered. I don’t know how much longer I’ll continue on this particular play through, despite having chosen the best spouse in the game, but I’ve already found myself thinking about trying out the different farm maps and going through it again, and possibly again after that.

I’m not surprised that Stardew Valley has seen the kind of popularity and longetivity that it has, but I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it so much myself all over again.

My return to farming life slowed down my quest to become the Employee of the Decade and get #GoingForGold in Cook, Serve, Delicious 2! – however, shortly after my last post on the topic, that had started to slow down anyway because OH MY GOD it gets hard. I’ve progressed past level 80 out of the 100 required to unlock all the Chef For Hire levels, and at this point, I’m impressed when I manage to get through a level with a silver medal. There’s been a few that I didn’t even pass on the first playthrough.

I’m not doubting that getting gold medals on every level is possible, but I am seriously starting to doubt that I’m going to be able to do it. I still plan to hit level 100 without touching the custom restaurant, and since you do get experience from replaying levels, that’s not unreasonable. I took a break of a couple weeks, but I’ve started up again, and I plan to at least finish leveling and completing every shift.

I also finished the main story in Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth during March. I dabbled in the Hacker’s Memory DLC, but I wasn’t enjoying it nearly as much, and ended up setting it aside for now. I don’t have a completely accurate play time for it, since I accidentally left the game running one night, but I think I probably spent about forty hours with it, as well as a half dozen or so with the DLC.

Although my Switch library will never come close to my PC game library, it’s slowly growing, and I’m really enjoying having a handheld console. Now that I have it, I’m kind of annoyed with myself for debating the purchase for as long as I did.

Although I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m done with World of Warcraft until another major content patch, my play time is way down from what it was the past few months. I’ve reached max current renown on my main, my primary alt is geared enough for our alt raids, and pushing mythic keys is absolutely not a thing I wish to pursue. Currently, I am mostly logging in to raid, to farm materials for raid consumables, and to occasionally poke at some old content for achievements and transmog. Normally, when my play time dips this precipitously, I unsub for awhile, but since I’m still enjoying the content I am doing, and there’s not really another MMO calling my name at the moment, I expect I’ll keep on with it for awhile yet.

Our small super-casual guild just took down Sire Denathrius on normal this past raid night, so I do, to some extent, feel like I’m done with Shadowlands 9.0.

I wasn’t terribly successful with my other plans for the month. As I expected, even though I had a few games in my library to play around with, #WayForwardMarch just wasn’t my thing. I didn’t do all that much better with #MaybeInMarch – I spent a little under an hour with Bastion, and as much as I like the aesthetic of the game, I found the game play a bit frustrating. I considered restarting the game in No Sweat Mode, but as I wasn’t really enjoying it, I didn’t think giving myself unlimited deaths was going to do much to change that.

Sometimes, success looks like figuring out that something doesn’t work for you, and moving on to something that does.

Release Radar – Upcoming Farming Sims for Fans of Stardew Valley

Over the past couple of weeks, I find myself re-playing Stardew Valley. I picked it up shortly after it released back in March of 2016, and played it for well over 100 hours across a pair of playthroughs. I probably never would have loaded it up again, but recently a friend asked me to try out a multiplayer game with him, and after our second session, I started up another single player game, and it’s been all Stardew Valley all the time around here since then.

Over the last five years, I’ve bought quite a few titles hoping to recapture the magic I felt playing Stardew Valley for the first (and well, let’s be honest, the second and now the third) time. Some were pretty great – I really enjoyed Verdant Skies and My Time At Portia. Quite a few more either didn’t do it for me, or I never actually got around to playing them.

However, quite a few new titles are expected to drop over the next year, and if you loved Stardew Valley, you might want to drop some of these on your wishlist. Click the pictures to go right to the Steam page for each game!

Estimated Release Date: October 2021 (Early Access)

Coral Island looked so good to me, I backed it on Kickstarter in order to get alpha access (which is anticipated to be available sometime in June). And I don’t seem to be alone in this – the crowdfunding campaign brought in more than 23 times its original $70,000 goal! Needless to say, that hit all the stretch goals, including console ports, mod support, multiplayer, extra characters, and a more robust endgame than originally planned.

Coral Island will offer all the traditional farming sim elements – farming, fishing, raising livestock, mining, crafting, cooking, and socializing with the villagers. What it brings to the table that sets it apart is its underwater world – spend some time cleaning up the coral reefs and you might run into mermaids! I expect there will be enough here that is familiar to appeal to fans of the genre, and enough unique mechanics that will set it apart.

Estimated Release Date: April 2022

For me, Roots of Pacha looks particularly interesting thanks to the setting; it takes place in a pre-technology world! This adds an interesting research tree mechanic, where you decide which of your community’s ideas you want to work towards figuring out. You also won’t get to just pop over to the shop for your seeds and livestock – you’ll need to forage and domesticate wild animals in order to build your farm.

You will have NPC community members, but Roots of Pacha was designed for co-operative play, so it’s a great choice if you prefer farming with friends.

Estimated Release Date: May 2021

Although I didn’t personally back this one, it did have a Kickstarter, and is still accepting late pledges.

Sun Haven is closest to release, if you’re not inclined to be very patient. This farming sim has a distinct fantasy spin; you’ll be able to choose any of seven playable races, the livestock options are far from traditional, and a dragon serves as the protector of your town. Combat options will include spellcasting, and there are significant RPG elements as well as the typical farming sim fare of crafting, cooking, fishing, and socializing.

As if there weren’t already enough here to set it apart from other similar games, Sun Haven will feature a wish mechanic, allowing you to change the world around you through the power of wishing. It will also have multiplayer support at release, so this is another great choice for people who prefer farming with friends to farming alone.

Estimated Release Date: TBD

Ok, so calling Witchery Academy a farming sim might be a (very small) stretch – the concept is that the player is a student at a school of witchcraft. There are farming sim elements, as you will learn to brew potions, so you will need to grow and forage for your ingredients. The game will also include fishing, cooking, and “spell catching” but seems to lack the dating sim element that’s usually standard in these types of games.

Witchery Academy is planned to release on Steam and for Nintendo Switch, and it looks like something I’d really enjoy having on the more portable platform.

Estimated Release Date: TBD

Snacko seems to borrow slightly more from Animal Crossing than it does from Stardew Valley & Harvest Moon, but I still think it fits. You will be able to farm, and raise livestock, but there will also be a lot of mechanics catering to folks who like building and customizing the look of their town. Also, you get to play as a cat, and I mean, who doesn’t want to do that?

The developers are giving monthly updates on their blog, and progress on this game seems to be proceeding steadily, despite there still not being any indication of a release window.

Chances are good I’ll be picking up all of these games at or near their release dates, but I don’t think there’s a bad choice in the bunch if you like the gameplay loop offered by these sort of farming sims. I don’t know if any of these will be the huge success story that Stardew Valley was, but the market for this type of game still seems to be pretty robust.

Going Nowhere During #WayForwardMarch

Well, at least I can say I tried, right? Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse looks absolutely adorable, but it’s way too platform-y for me. I tried with the keyboard; I tried with the controller. I thought that maybe – just maybe – I was going to be able to poke my way through at least a bit of the game. And then:

Yes, this was the screen that did me in – I could get up one platform, usually make it to the topmost one, but that jump to the one on the bottom right? That one wasn’t happening. Over and over I went into the water, and former genies apparently cannot swim at all. AT ALL.

So back to my library I went to see what else I could find.

Now, Bloodrayne Betrayal is also more platform-y than I tend to prefer, but it’s the style of platformer that says “Oh, you missed? Try again.” rather than “Oh, you missed? DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE.”

What’s going to kill you here is the combat, which hey, that’s to be expected when people are charging you over and over trying to kill you. At first, it didn’t seem like there were any sort of save points, although thankfully there were checkpoints aplenty for all the times I died. However, I eventually got through the entire first “chapter” in a single sitting only to be greeted with this.

Okay, okay, I get it, I’m terrible. I probably could plow through the game given enough time and patience, but I don’t see a world in which I’d get a passing grade on any of the chapters.

Since I had one more WayForward game in my library (and no, I have no idea how I have come to have so many games that are decidedly Not For Me in my library), and in case the third time was the charm, I decided to give it one more shot with A Boy and His Blob.

And this one is – without a doubt – charming. The opening scene is gorgeous, and both the art and the music are just warm and comforting, but man, this game tells you NOTHING. Not a thing. I kind of wandered around, looking for sparkles to indicate that I was going in the right direction, and trying to avoid the black slime critters that insta-kill you on touch. I found my adorable little blob-friend, and played a bit to try out the jellybean-inspired transformation mechanics.

Unfortunately, although this one leans more puzzle than platformer, I just couldn’t get invested. Cute will only take you so far, and I didn’t even know this was a remake, so no nostalgia for me. It plays slow, and I never was really sure why I was doing anything that I was doing. I didn’t feel clever, and I didn’t really care what was going to happen next.

While it’s possible I didn’t give any of these games enough time (all told, I spent about an hour and a half combined on all three games), my library is vast, and although I can see the appeal of all three games, none of them are the right game for me. I have completely stalled out during #WayForwardMonth, and I’m okay with that.

#GoingForGold with Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2 – First Milestone Reached

I have grossly underestimated the time requirements and scope of this project. I mean, I knew there were a lot of levels, and some of these recipes are really challenging to master, but what I had forgotten all about was this – on a fresh save, you have to level yourself all the way to 100 just to unlock all the levels.

Of course I was starting from a fresh save.

I have been completely ignoring my own restaurant, getting all my experience in the Chef-for-Hire levels. On the upside, I am not even close to running out of un-played levels, but now that I’m over 60, I’m starting to worry that they are unlocking more slowly than I am completing them. On the upside, you do get experience for repeating levels, so I’m optimistic I can keep right on ignoring the custom restaurant, because I have quite a few levels completed, but not on gold just yet.

However, today, I hit my first milestone, as well as what I think is the highest number of perfect combos in a row I’ve ever seen.

Sure, Maw Wieners is probably the easiest restaurant, but for the first time, I’m starting to think that maybe this is actually going to be possible. In the meantime, I’m working on raising my ranking by approximately five levels a day, which means it’ll take me a little more than a week to finish unlocking all the levels. And then, the real grind starts.